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absinth_fae's Journal

14 June 1984
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Most people who know of me describe me as sweet, innocent, bohemian, unconventional and fearless…those who’ve known me a little longer know that I have inherited what my family call “the wild boar pig temper” when my anger is roused, however, there’s only 3 things that make me so angry enough to actually express it. If you are a TRUSTED and RESPECTED friend, I will love you, defend you to the death, and do anything for you…but if you cross me by lying to me, betraying me, or saying or doing ANYTHING nasty to hurt my friends and people i care for, I am formidable.

It took a conversation with a crazy person for me to realise how crazy i've been behaving lately, and how crazy i am not.

With every new theory or point of view i decide to have, i experiment on myself and am a human peetree dish :D I am still a mess-head, but getting on with it, and trying to get back to being myself.

I’m sick to death of people walking all over me, using me, manipulating me, and thinking they can get away with hurting me without consequence.

I am an anomoly.

i am self-destructive and introverted.

I am a faery living in the mortal coil.

I will die young, and the mystic's and psychic's agree.

sex, drugs and rock n' roll is my secret religion and addiction.

I love my friends.

if i had it my way, i'd live as a waif.

I believe in love, truth, freedom, peace and a beauty in all things.

I love ALL of the creative and literary arts.

I love people who are creative, passionate and who have opinions and something to say.

i would like my life and obituary to read something similar, but not the same, to this: "...actress, artist, and all around loon...remembered for setting the world on fire...escaping the clutches of her terrifying family, made friends with everybody, and anybody, creating chaos and uproar wherever she went...divorced as many times as she married, she leaves only good wishes behind..." Other than that, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m still on the quest of working myself out.

But, whatever, maybe you should decide who or how i am... just don't put me in a box...i'll never fit...and i'll crucify you for it...Grrr! hahaha! :)