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Something in the orange juice ;)...

faaaaaaark, maaan!!! im just back from a MCR (My Chemical Romance) concert at the Hordern Pavillion...and, once again, my head has been blown... CLEAN. OFF. by them!...as it is, i am writing this entry, headless! XD

I will admit that, they werent as great yesterday at the Big Day Out... their sound was crap, and the levels and stuff were all completely off (in the parts with crazy LOUD guitar solos and that, you couldnt hear it over the drums etc etc if you get me? :P)... and, i think they were all really genuinely suffering with the heat too (men after my own heart!) hahaha! XD...i know its always harder in a festival scenario to get good sound, but, hey - they did it at the Reading Festival in the U.K. in late august, so...meh =P in so saying, they were still pretty brilliant :)

but...TONIGHT!!! aaargh!!! AAAAAH-MAAAAAAZE-IIIIING!!!... it was almost as if the band just BURST out onto the stage, like three year olds on a mad sugar high!...and they kept it up - that infectious enthusiasm, energy and pure joy - the whole way through! its the orange juice, kids! THE ORANGE JUICE! hahaha! XD

maybe its because ive seen them play 3 times in the last 4 months, but...you know when you haven't seen a good friend in a while, but, when you do eventually get your acts together and hang out, you just pick up where you left off the last time? ... well, it felt like that!... communication and connection on a personal level between me and the band, through music...and the message?... joy, love, inspiration, hope, and a belief in humankind and what we each as individuals want to do with our lives is possible. sooo much without a single word between us! THAT is the one thing that i think i love about music the most. that, and the ability to be completely free of everything, and just letting the music fill your soul from your toes all the way up. MCR did that for me tonight, though, they arent the only ones... my other favourite bands (who i've seen live) like NIN, Garbage, Muse, System of A Down, Amanda Palmer/ The Dresden Dolls, Korn, The Cure, Manson and a bunch of others, all speak to me in the same way with different things. thats how i know theyre great :)

instead of jumping around like a mad thing like yesterday, i decided to watch the show from the bleachers for about half of the show, to observe from a performance perspective. it must be a wonderfully sureal feeling to be able to inspire all that from a crowd of people and see them all grooving, moving and singing YOUR songs!

long story short, its shows like this one, that make me absolutely certain, that music is what i want to do with my life. i want to inspire all this in people everywhere... and thanks to MCR and the other great musicians out there, it does nothing but inspire the inspiration, motivation, and just, the fucking balls to give it a try and actually get there! :D ... my brain is doing sommersaults XD...

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