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i thoughroughly enjoyed this festival from beginning to end. i bought earlybird tickets, so, technically, i could have rocked up on the wednesday sometime, but...as it was, i arrived on the thursday...which was still a day before showtime. i bought a 'tangerine fields' ticket that was in the 'white zone' which was across the water, so...i had to walk an epically long way (through aaaall the stages and the camping fields surrounding them!)...but, i got to catch a ferry!!! :D... i was completely pooped by the time i got to my tent, but, at least i didnt have to pitch it!...i was so so glad i bought the ticket that meant someone else put up and took down the tents! (actually, i was never more greatful than on the day i had to leave...hung over, freezing cold, tired as shit...but, at least all i had to do was pack up my crap...and not take down the tent! :D happy days! :D)

i still didnt know the timetable of who was playing when yet, as...they dont put out a free timetable in the paper or on the internet like they do for australian festivals...so, i bought a program on my way, and began to study it and plan my next 3 days excitedly! :D

...im so stupid sometimes...i mean...i even surprise MYSELF with my ditziness at times!...dumb-arse me didnt even cotton on that the weather might be different at a UK festival, so...i was basing my shoe and clothing situation on it being stinking hot...i was ok as far as the clothing attire was concerned, coz...it was hot enough at times...layers are very good for UK festivals! heehee! XD ... however...i had bought a pair of slightly heeled (chunky heeled...they were sensible enough i thought!) boots that i was thinking of donning, however...it was so so soooo very muddy!...and the only other shoes i brought with me were my furry zebra creepers (which i love, and didnt want to get wrecked =P)

...so, seeing that that just wouldnt do, i set off to find myself a pair of cheap wellies :) i needed to do a quick grocery shop too, so, i went out of the premises.

i was a bit apprehensive about going to a 3 day festival in a foreign country on my own to be honest. but i got to thinking, and had a bit of a flashback to the Falls Festival that Lisa Eljed and i went to way back when. we met this guy (because i was playing the bongo's! hahaha!...seee! they WERE the INSTANT friend maker - however irritating im sure they were!!! hahaha! XD) whom we called 'numbers'. we called him this because, he was on a mission to meet 100 people whilst at the festival...and not just 'hello' and walk off kind of a thing...actually have a conversation for a while with these 100 people. i decided i would take a leaf out of his book, and do the same :)... (FYI i met 116 people in the end thank you very much!!! :D)

so i got back, arms full of bags of food and alcohol and a couple of glowy things :D... got settled in my tent, then, went to hang out and dance around with numbers 1-4 who were 'working' in the admin tent :)...they were giving out free booze after a little while, so, i met numbers 5-15 later on this night...some were complete yobbo idiots whom i wanted to stab, but, hey!...in the festive spirit of festivals, i decided not to get violent hahaha! XD... at least none of those aforementioned yobbos were my close neighbours heehee! ^.^


todays itinerary consisted of:

- 11.20: Cherri Bomb

- 13.15: Does it Offend you, yeah?

- 15.30: The Naked and Famous

- 16.10: Rise Against

- 17.20: Deftones

- 17.55: Henry Rollins

- 18.45: The Vaccines

- 19.55: Noah and the Whale

- 20.10: 30 Seconds to Mars

- 21.20: Digitalism

- 22.00: My Chemical Romance

i would have to say that there werent too many clashes on the friday night... The Horrors and Beady Eye were on at 22.30, which was in the middle of the MCR set, so...really, that was the only one... would have liked to have seen them though =P...

My sweety at the time came for Friday's escapades, which was great :) actually, he knew one of the bands playing at the NME/ Radio 1 Stage, which was the stage Beady Eye were playing at, so...inadvertedly, i did get to see Beady Eye play...well, sort of! :) ... i got to meet you're man Gallaher too...he's not as much of a douche-hound as he's made out to be, but...you know... still a bit of an asshat =P

without a doubt, the stand-out act of this day was MCR...my GOD!...they were bloody brilliant!!! so much energy and enthusiasm, and it was infectious, and the crowd was...electric, because of it!!!

Cherri Bomb and Digitalism i hadnt really heard of actually, and i only went to see them because they were near to where we were going, or on the way, and ...they were fantastic...expecially Digitalism :)

I was pretty amped up for The Vaccines and Henry Rollins, who played a great set...Deftones ALWAYS hit the spot (no surprises there really), 30 Seconds to Mars were...eeergh...dissapointing! we met numbers 16-20 whilst watching this set...they were super super funny (as are we! hahaha!), so, it made for some great entertainment really! :D... Jared Leto, whilst glamourously good looking...is a bit of a twat. give me Gerard Way any day of the week :)

After the bands were all done, we went to the red campsite, and mucked about on the ferris wheel (which was huge and shiny!!! :D) went to the silent disco for a bit...i dont really understand these silent disco things!...id never been to one before - i know they have them at BDO and that, but, ive never made an appearance at it =P... everyone has headphones on, and dancing to their own beat, which is sorta cool i guess, but... in my head, its pretty unsociable... we werent there for long...luckily, J felt the same as i did about it :)

so, then, the task of smuggling J into the white campsite!...which meant a looooooong walk back through the bushes instead of catching the ferry...it was plenty fun! i felt like Bonny and Clyde ... without the part of getting shot of course heehee! :)... i beguiled security 'with my wits', and hazzzah! we were successful :)

number 14 saw me from accross the way, and invited us to a sing-song that was happening in our campsite, so...we went!...and met numbers 21-30 :) ... some very fun times were had :)...although...i was kind of put on the spot... they asked me to sing some famously australian songs that they might know, and all i could come up with was the pathetic 'Waltzing Matilda', 'Land Downunder' and 'Mr Clickety Cane'!!!... im convinced that we seriously dont have any cult-y songs that people outside of Oz will know! =P


started off a sad day... J and I said our tearful goodbyes, and vowed to visit each other, and maybe pick up where we left off... sometime... someday =P...bad timing sucks donkeys balls =P...

to cheer myself up, i decided to go see a band play...there was nobody that i was dying to see too badly, so, i chose to see a band who i hadnt heard of who had a joyous sounding name...'The Joy Formidable'...and they were EXCELLENT!!!...my timetable for saturday went like this:

- 12.00: The Joy Formidable

- 12.55: The Pidgeon Detectives (only saw 20 minutes of this set, coz i was intrigued by another band with a strange name! :D)

- 12.45: She Keeps Bees! :D

- 13.30: Late Night Gimp Fight! XD

- 14.55: Two Door Cinema Club

- 16.00: The Kills

- 16.45: Cults

- 17.10: Everything Everything

- 18.10: Glassjaw

- 19.15: Bombay Bicycle Club

- 20.30: Crystal Castles (only stayed for a half hour though coz i wanted to see Pulp)

- 20.30: Pulp (LONG LIVE JARVIS COCKER!!! far out, he's a funny guy!!! XD)

- 22.15: The Strokes...eeergh...shouldnt have bothered! i always really liked the strokes... not anymore...they dick around too much at their live gigs...i left after about 4 songs...

- 22.15: Jane's Addiction (which were RAD!!! :D)

- 23: The Midnight Beast

i met numbers 31-65 today!...the best thing about this little numbers experiment, is, that...people seem to remember you, and *i* remember people too!!! because i dont have to remember names, it seems alot easier!!!...and, throughout the week, you see each other and yell out "Hey!...its number 13!!!" or whatever :)...i was feeling a little lowly, (obviously) on the saturday, and this simple concept made me feel better :)...i met up with so many of my already met 'numbered people' just out and about this day, and it was excellent :)


my timetable today:

- 12.00: Dananananakroyd!!!!!!

- 13.00: Taking Back Sunday

- 15.45: Fight Like Apes (only saw half coz i wanted to see Tim Minchin)

- 15.30: Tim Minchin

- 16.15: Enter Shikari

- 16.45: Warpaint

- 17.20: Friendly Fires

- 17.50: Panic! At the Disco

- 19.00: Interpol

- 19.45: Flogging Molly

- 20.00: Elbow

- 21.30: Muse

i met number 66 to 70 at Dananananakroyd...i was mildly intrigued by the name, and, was kind of keen on doing my best batman impression hahaha! XD, so...thats why i hauled myself up and out that early in the morning...whilst teeeeerribly hungover - possibly even still drunk!...

Fight Like Apes were great, and Tim Minchin was hilaaarious! :D i met 71 and 72 at Tim Minchin...a couple of boys who were nearly as funny as Minchin! XD

i was looking forward to Enter Shikari...i had never seen them before, but, they come highly recommended by a bunch of friends who have seen them :)...they didnt disapoint! :) ...but, my FAVOURITE new found band would from the Reading would have to be Warpaint. i quite love them! :) ... garage meets Garbage! total awesum-sauce! :)

Panic! were a little bit amazing!!! such a wonderful voice!!! :) and again, a really great energy which was infectious :) i met number 73 here...who is a very very lovely boy :)

Flogging Molly were OUTRAGEOUS and RAMBUNCTUOUS!!! and sooooooo much fun!!! Rowan - babe - you were right!!! :) since im amongst friends, i dont mind saying that i was embarrassing and got up in the middle of a snake pit and did a wee irish jiggy-jig! XD i met numbers 74-81 here...all irish of course ;)...

whilst Elbow were good...they kinda put my energetic mood out the window a bit =P loved the orchestra though :) met 82-85, and also hung out with numbers 20, 21 and 30.

Muse up next!!!...now, i know they are ALWAYS amazing...and they havnt disapointed me even yet...but...this was a much more mellow set than they usually do, which...i didnt love so much =P ... they did Origin of Symmetry in its entirety, then, some of the old famous favourites. i admire them for trying to do something new, but, in this case, i think it could have been close to a miss than a hit =P i met numbers 86-98 in muse and just before muse...number 97 was wonderful and i had the most amazing time with him!...he was a gay guy, who was simply hilariously funny, and we were pulling out our interpretive dance moves, and started a 'love train' through the mosh! hahaha! XD so much fun! :D

then, it was time to head back to my tent and sort my crap out ...eeerh =P hahaah! XD the walk is so nice along the river. i tell you, the people who live there have it made! :)... theres swans just...swan-ning about (pun intended), so close to the festival...aaargh! heaven! :)...there were some smart-arses though - they were taking their boat out, at like 2 or 3 in the morning, and just teasing and taunting us who were waiting for the ferry in the freezing cold (it was by the water so it was especially breezy) to come hahaha! XD...met number 99 in the line (Chris Birch, honey, thats you!!! hahaha! :D) who, whilst being a youngster, has a good head on his shoulders, quite mature, and a pleasure to hang out with :) that night, we sat for several hours just chatting and laughing, and drinking my left over beers as there was no way in hell i was carting them with me the next morning! hahaha! XD...met number 100 and 101 whilst out this night...who were 2 english men wearing frilly fringy dresses :)...they were pretty cool guys! :)


ok, so...i needed to be up and ad-em at 10am (ridiculous o'clock) and out of my tent by 1030am =P...said a quick cheerio to whatever numbers happened to be around me, and went to wait in the line to catch the ferry. as expected, there was a line. a long one. there were people who were, like me, still a little tipsy (some were still maggot drunk), others were sleeping...even in the mud!!!...so, of course, being the eternally smiley social butterfly that i am, started to have conversations with those around me. i met numbers 102-105, who were a couple and their daughter, i also met 106-109 who were 3 guys who came away to do some male bonding/ have a bromance heehee! 110-112 were 3 girls who decided they liked my make-up (a glittery spideey and a wee heart) and my hair (had some 1940's roll thing going on) and actually came up and talked to ME!

finally, we got on the ferry, which took us to the city of reading, not to where the stages were. on the boat, i met numbers 113-116 who were rockabilly girls who by default, we all startedtalking together. they wanted to come to australia because we have soundwave. i told them about SWR (little did i know it was going to get effing CANCELLED!!! pffft!...) and they then really, REALLY wanted to come to oz! XD...hopefully, they found out about it being cancelled and didnt change their plans hahaha!...very cool people all in all!...i should have remembered to get their book-face details or something, but, of course - as with MOST of the numbers, i forgot to do this =P hahaha!... my ditziness strikes again XD

an AMAZING time was had!!! :D...and i have come away with a swag-ful of musical tasty treats to tantalise my ears until i get sick of them :D

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