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I was watching the Jerry Bruckhiemer film 'Almost Famous' the other day (for whatever/ its many reasons, it always inspires me and lifts me up) and two thoughts came into my mind. The first one, admittedly, is a little bit silly and made me giggle: I remember an interviewI heard on the radio with Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters back in the day... where he said thank you to the producers for giving him that moment to Elton John's 'Tiny Dancer' because it never was a song that featured in his memory previously hahahaha! XD... and the second thought was something a little (or a lot) more profound.

The second thought was of the power of music. I guess i've always felt the most free when singing and dancing... that feeling of completely loosing all control, and yet, still feeling safe. That feeling of pure, raw expression... and abandon for everything that doesn't really matter, really. I can never really express myself well in 'real life' but I can with music and dancing... maybe it's because im quite introverted, or maybe it's just one of those things. Music can say so much more than words alone can... it's pictures in sound... the orchestra that plays in living colour in the mind, made manifest in real time for all the world to hear and know about. It crosses all the barriers... a secret language all of its own that everybody can understand somehow. Which led me to thinking about my first festival as a teenager... walking up to the entry of the arena, and feeling that pulsating energy like a heartbeat - but it isn't your own... getting louder, and steadily louder, until you're there and it's all around you. I remember thinking then, as I do now every time I go to a gig or a festival... there's something really spiritual and ethereal ... and unreal about that booming of the bass drum, and that ground shaking guitar sound coming up from below the ground, through your feet, before engulfing you completely. Dissapearing into the noise, into the crush of the crowd. Anonymous and protected in the tribe by the tribe. I guess because of all these acute feelings and sensations I get whenever I hear a clever riff, a catchy rhythm, a sleezy bass-line... that I find it so difficult to assimilate that some people just never get it... that love of creativity and creation in one of the most purest and uncorruptable of forms. They don't even tap their feet. And I just don't understand how they aren't compelled to make some kind of movement.

Which, as a chain of thought, links me on to thinking about dj's. Fuck. I. Hate. Them. ... most of them anyway... those dj's who use circutry as a way of creating a musical fusion of elements are totally free of my hate hahaha! XD... but, all the others... they're just destroying the simplicity of the richness of making rich, textured sound and universal language, and replacing it with making the sound and everything digital in a corporate way... spectators worshipping some geek or glamazon pressing buttons and pointing a finger to the sky (they dont even need two hands to play their instrument! pfft!)... maybe 'the day the music died' (Don McLean) will be coming sooner than we all feared, probably because of these dicks with their buttons. Already, sydney's music scene is drawing its last breath before rigormortis sets in... there's only really two or three real avenues for musicians to showcase their original tunage, which completely blows seeing as though there is a helluva lot of talent knocking about. Anywhoo, I digress...

The point of this post was, pretty much just to write about something i'm deeply passionate about... I've been away from my computer keyboard for far too long a time (I kinda missed just writing hahaha! :D) and to say that i'm super excited to be making sweet, sweet music again too :)... I feel like a piece of me has come back to me :)

Peace out xx

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