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i ended up being in Ireland for nearly 2 weeks...but, it wasnt even hardly enough time. if i have one regret about this trip, it was, that i didnt leave enough time for Ireland...but, then... i was in Ireland for 5 months the last time i was in Europe, and it STILL wasnt enough, so...meh...what can i do? haha! XD...

as far as touristic stuff goes, i wasnt interested in any of it at all this time. plainly put, i just wanted to hang out with all my wonderful family in County Down and County Tyrone :) i am so so sooo very lucky to be blessed with such friendly, warm, funny, creative and extraordinary family here. my soul has gotten filled up, once again, by these wonderful people - who hardly even really know me at all - yet, who have claimed me as one of their own :) ... it still spellbinds me that these people are always so good to me :)

i met some cousins for the first time (Brenda and Teresa - heeeeey!!! :D) who of course, are TOTALLY aweful (heehee! kidding kidding! ;D)...nah, actually, they're really really fun and beautiful people! :) xxx <3

i went to my first Irish wedding, and a hilarious wedding rehearsal! ...the priest was such a cutie pa-too-tie!... i was doing a reading, and so, at the rehearsal, at my cue, i got up to do my thang...but...maybe because my accent wasnt irish - i think that he thought i was a bit slow, and he was like "so, this is a microphone...you speak into it..." ... i know what a microphone is dang nabbit! buahahahhahaa! XD so funny!...however, i wasnt the only one to get a telling off... my other cousin Moira (bridesmaid) got told off for not bringing her bouque of flowers and for racing down the aisle heeheehee! it was pretty funny ^.^ ... the poor priest sorta forgot to say a part of the mass on the day as well, and then congratulated himself on getting through the mass at the end heeheehee! oooh, he was soooo cute :D...it was a beautiful wedding, and a experience i will treasure forever :) thaaaaanks Brenda!!!! :D <3

it was really great seeing everyone again too!!!...though...i kinda got a shock at how much some of the kids had grown!...stupid blonde me thought that they would still be 3 years old! hahaha! XD silly me XD ... there were quite a few new babies and young kids which i was so very excited to meet and play with (on both sides of the family :D)

i have to admire the optimism of my beautiful family when it comes to weather - and - i also have to admit, that i didnt feel like a very good australian at all when i went to County Down hahahaha! my wonderful cousin Pauline put on a BBQ, and invited everyone round (which was completely awesome!!! such a fun night! :D)...but, (me being the stupid australian hahaha!)... couldnt figure out how to light the BBQ hahaha! XD i clearly suck!!! hahaha! XD ...and...well, maybe - actually, most DEFINITELY - it was just me not used to the cold weather, but, it was freezing, and we were having a BBQ :D i loved it! :D another cousin 'Buzzy' came round and played the geetah and sang rebel republican songs, and Julie joined in with the tin whistle, and the rest of us sang along, with Donna leading the way... i cant express how fabulous this was :) there was also a bi of an incident with a lobster which was kinda amusing heeheehee! ^.^ ... thanks Pauline and everyone for organising that, i had a complete ball :) xxx <3 i only wish i had more time to hang out =P

i took a notion into my head that i kind of fancied riding a horse along the beach in ireland, so... another cousin, Sean Falls, and i went off one day to Bundoran (which is just past Fermanagh...and went through the WEEEEEEIRD town called "Beleek"...they seemed to be having a rodeo festival or something?...as you do!) to ride horses on the beach :D... Sean's horse was bloody MAAAAASSIVE!!!!...i mean, Sean's pretty tall, but, shit! that thing was an amazon!!! ... my horse was a granny hahaha!...no, seriously!!! hahaha!... and granny didnt get on too well with Sean's horse hahaha! XD...they were wanting to have a wee bit of a brawl! XD ... and granny was just a little bit lazy, and wouldnt move an inch! heehee! XD...until we were going over the dunes, where there was only a tiny skinny path, where, she decided to go for a bit of a trot (and scared the crap out of me! hahaha!)...Sean's horse did that too! hahaha! XD...it was such a WONDERFUL experience doing this!!!...soooo glad that we did it :) thanks Sean - youre dah best! :D xxx <3

so, there you have it! :) to alot of people, it probably doesnt sound like i did much here, but, i really feel like i did plenty :) special thanks to Brenda for inviting me to her wedding (when we hadnt actually met yet! hahaha!), to Teresa and Sean and Fiona and Pauline for shlepping me around and for letting me stay :) and everybody else who made my stay every bit as wonderful and warm and fulfilling as i knew it would be :)... PS: COME TO AUSTRALIA BIA-ATCHES!!! :D xxx <3

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