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i ended up only staying here for 4 days in total, in favour of going to the Emerald Isle for an extra couple of days because 6 days was never gonna be anywhere near enough time for Ireland.

I wasnt too much enchanted with Marseille. People were kinda rude and unhelpful half of the time, and...i just didnt love the vibe of the place very much. so, that was why it was easier to leave half a week earlier than originally planned. in saying that, it had its good points...

on day 1, all i did was explore Vieux Port and the beach as i got there at night...and there was some kind of pirate music theatre pantomime thing being performed on a boat that was moored. i really loved this little bit of eccentricity!!! :D...the place was all lit up like a christmas tree, which was magical at night to just go wandering :)... it made me feel so small, and that life was just happening all around...very humbling...

the next day, i went on a boat cruise of one of the Calanques... it started to pour down with rain, and it ended up being quite a swash-buckling adventure! hahaha!...the boat was rocking like crazy, and water was comin in from every which angle, and, as the boat was at full capacity, i was standing up (coz it was more fun :D), and holding on for dear life to one of the poles and giggling my head off! hahaha! XD...the calanques themselves were kinda cool, but...to me, the boat ride there and back were the highlight :D

i went to the Camargue Wetlands...which...i tell you... its kind of like a different country altogether!...ive never been to the US, but...in my mind, it was kind of how i imagine Texas to be like! :D...there was wild horses and pink flamingoes and cowboys and general strangeness hahaha! XD ... i think this was my favourite part of southern france :)

i took myself off to Aix en Provance because i have been told by other friends who have been, that i would love it and that its got a vibe like Firenze, Italy. it was okay. ... if i want a vibe like Firenze, i think i would just go to Firenze...thats just me though.they did have a couple of pretty cool milinery shops though, and i had a movie montage moment with the lady in one of the shops...just because...well... when there's fancy hats about...thats just what you should do! :D

later on, i had met a lovely french man at the hostel, we went and got something to eat, had a wander around...went to the place where a popular french sitcom is supposed to be set, had alot of laughs, had an ice cream, strolled down the street 'La Panier'...it was great! :)

the next day, i made tracks for the airport, and tried Boulebaisse before i left, because, its supposed to be a famous food from the area... i dont know why i took the notion to do this... i like fish, but...not a whole heap hahaha!...really, the boulebaisse was a lil' too fishy for my tastes hahaha!...but...im sure if you like that sort of thing...it was probably extraordinary! :D ...

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